I am a research scholar at the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. My primary research interests include land surface modeling, crop modeling, and associated surface fluxes. I also have expertise in wind farm layout optimization using machine learning. I am part of the IIT Delhi team of the ISRO-IITD Geosphere-Biosphere Program (GBP), which aims to improve the CLM5 land surface model to simulate Indian agroecosystems accurately.

  • Land Surface modeling
  • Carbon fluxes from agroecosystems
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Ph.D. in Land Surface Modeling, 2024

    Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

  • M.Tech in Atmospheric Sciences, 2019

    Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

  • B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, 2016

    Vardhaman College of Engineering, JNTU Hyderabad


The Future Yield Challenge
Predict end-of-season wheat and maize yields for each grid cell and year, using the daily weather experienced during the growing season (and just before), along with the soil texture and ambient CO2 level. The challenge is to predict yields in the future - from 2021 to 2100 - under a high-emissions climate change scenario, using training data from the last few decades (1980 - 2020). The prediction of yield is carried out using Python- Tendsorflow, and appilied methods like Random Forest, FeedForward Neural Networks, Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) model.
The Future Yield Challenge
ISRO-IITD Geosphere-Biosphere Program
CLM5, in its default state, does not represent Indian crops accurately. I am improving the representation of major Indian crops, spring wheat and rice, in CLM5.
ISRO-IITD Geosphere-Biosphere Program
ISAM - carbon Fluxes
The variation in carbon fluxes over the spring wheat agroecosystems of India during 1980 to 2015 was studied in this project
ISAM - carbon Fluxes
Wind Farm Layout Optimization
Wind Farm Layout Optimization Problem (WFLOP) is a critical issue when installing a large wind farm. In this project, we used the Genetic Algorithm (GA) to solve the WFLOP for large hypothetical offshore wind farms using real wind data. The study site is the Palk Strait, located between India and Sri Lanka. This site is a potential hotspot of offshore wind in India.
Wind Farm Layout Optimization

Published Articles, Dataset, and Conference abstracts

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(2024). Improving the representation of major Indian crops in the Community Land Model version 5.0 (CLM5) using site-scale crop data. Geosci. Model Dev..

Cite DOI

(2024). Weather data at experimental agricultural sites across Indian croplands from 1960's to 2020. PANGAEA.

Project DOI

(2023). Improving crop dynamics in the CLM5 land surface model. EGU23.

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Awards, Competitions
& Workshops

UQ-IITD Workshop on Agriculture Technology
The purpose of the workshop is to identify areas of complementarity within the broad area of AgTech that IITD and UQ could collaborate on and partner with other organizations such as the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in India and Australia.
Joint WRF and MPAS Users’ Workshop 2021
Attended the workshop
Science and Technology for the New Age: Acquisition, Analyses and Adaptation
A unique online conference bringing together Academics, Researchers & Corporate leaders from India and Canada to discuss Global Challenges in Agriculture, Climate, Energy, Plant, and Soil will be held from March 4-5, 2021. Hackathon
In this Hackathon for Sustainable and Affordable Energy, we (a team of four) have optimized the placement of 50 wind turbines of 100 m height and 100 m rotor diameter each on a hypothetical 2D offshore wind farm area such that the AEP (Annual Energy Production) of the farm is maximized. We secured 63rd position among ~1600 participating teams
Ganga Devi and Khem Chand Memorial award
Received Ganga Devi and Khem Chand Memorial award for securing the highest CGPA amongst the 2019 M.Tech batch
Mahindra BAJA SAE India 2016
Participated in Mahindra Baja organized by SAE India
Individual Training on Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Fundamentals of FEA Analysis, Overview Models and Solver, Application of Models and Solver (Linear Elastic, Modal, Fluid flow, …)
Internship training program on Automotive IC Engine Design and Development
Received Best Innovation Award at the internship program organized by Automotive Industry Simulation Industry (AISI), Winter Season 2014
Virtual BAJA SAE India 2014
Participated in virtual Baja organized by SAE India


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